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NoChildren with or without Parent in shop, lobby, building!

Minors 15 -17 years of age may get tattooed in the State of PA. with parent present and 2 forms of ID !


David Baldwin of the Drifters

Randolf Keys of the Lakers

Coy Wire of the Falcons

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If you want a Tattoo get it from a professional, in an established professional environment!

Don't get tattooed anywhere but at an established Tattoo shop that has all the required business licenses. There is no way anyone tattooing out of anything but an established storefront to keep a sterile environment. Ask the questions, how are they sterilizing the equipment? Even if they have an autoclave, is that being inspected and certified? Are the documents providing real or fake? These are all questions you should ask yourself, then ask yourself do I want an incurable or fatal disease? Check to see if the business has a web site and is it being updated are they in the phone book and look at all the portfolios! Go in ahead of time and look the shop over, was it clean, how did it smell, how were you treated.


If you come in please dont talk shit on other shops or tell us other shops are talking shit on us trying to get a better price. We will tell you what we can do for you and you only! We will not give opinions of other shops, we are all in the same business trying to make a living.

TOUCH-UPS, If a shop is offering free touchups what does that mean ?? If you honestly need a touchup the artist will tell you to come back ...That's free. If you leave with a good tattoo and have a healing issue you would have called the shop and let them take a look at it, within the established healing time (7-10 days). And if you need a touchup, it would be free. If you leave here with a good tattoo and don't follow the healing instructions we provide to you, the ones you threw in the parking lot! And your tattoo ends up looking like shit, it's your mistake and you should pay. Be responsible for your actions we are!


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