---------------Bloodborne Pathogen Certified --------------------


Years tattooing: 4 yrs

Favorite style(s): Neo-Traditional, Traditional Oriental

Favorite artists: Dave Quiggle, Josh Hoffman, Sid, Nick Baxter

Musical tastes: all kinds of hardcore (Folsum, Donnybrook, NIV, In Due Time), Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Norah Jones, Johnny Cash.

Hobbies: going to shows, painting, drawing, road trips, lifting weights, snowboarding, etc.

Future plans: I'd like to be tattooing for a long while, maybe go to school later and become a teacher at some point in my life, but for right now, tattooing is what I want to do. Once I'm married, I plan to travel like crazy.

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Landon will be working Tues - Sat.

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