Years Tattooing: 7 years and still truckin'

Favorite Styles: Old School / New School / Middle School

Favorite Artists: Stanislav Szukalski, Robert Williams, Basil Gogos, R. Crumb, Mike Giant, Mitch O'Connel, Mike Mignola

Musical Tastes: Buckethead, Mastodon, Ween, Finntroll, COB, Fantomas, Clutch, High On Fire, Moistboyz, MSI, Le Tigre, Dwarves, Balzac, Eels, Mojo Nixon, Robbie Fulks

Hobbies: Painting, Origami, Horror and Asian Cinema, Smelly Dogs

Future plans: Goin' to college to gets edjamakated

Email Ryan:

If you have not been contacted in 24 hours your email might have been filtered out. Please give us a call @ 975 -0690 !!!!

Ryan will be working " Mon - Thur" ONLY !

Ryan will Only be working until the End of August then continuing his education full time. If you need or want work from Ryan make an appointment ASAP, his schedule is filling fast.

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